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Sales: Kubrick Figures and Rei+Asuka Figure Set

Howdy madams and sirs, 

Selling a bit of my Evangelion collection. Just have a couple of items I am posting today, a Kubric figure set of Misato, Unit 1, and Angel Zeruel. I picked this up in a comic book store years ago and has been on display in my house ever since (never opened). The second item are the Kaiyodo Rei and Asuka figures. Also on display in house, but never opened. Prices are listed next to the pictures. Pictures follow my disclaimer:

I have the prices listed ABOVE the pictures of the items. Shipping costs are NOT INCLUDED as shipping costs will vary depending on where the item ships. I will ship to North America, Europe, and APOs. I will provide tracking on all the packages I ship, but if you would like the package insured you MUST INFORM ME and I will add it to the final cost. After the item is in the mail, I will not be responsible for damages incurred. I only accept payment via paypal.

How to buy:

1.Contact me via a PM if you are interested in buying
some items (if buying more than one item I will reduce the total cost)
2. Then I will provide the information to pay me via paypal
3. I have to receive the payment before I ship the item.
        I am an experienced seller, please check my amazon account to
see comments from other who have purchased items from me.
                           Amazon:                     http://www.amazon.com/shops/toji_nakamura

1) Evangelion Kubrick Figures (22$)

Evangelion Kubrick Figures

(2) Evangelion Kaiyodo Figures: Asuka and Rei (sold together 35$)

Rei Front

Rei Side View

Asuka Front

Asuka Side View

That's all for now, I have more stuff from soundtracks to video games and will post them later.


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