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lukaxrenjou in ngevangelion

Brand Zess XX Doujinshi Index: Now Open!

Hello Everyone,

We have successfully open our Doujinshi Index & sales. You will be able to find all the information you need here plus also what is hot & new right now in the Neon Genensis Evangelion Doujinshi World. If you are interested in anything from there please send us a message with your order. We will calculate all expenses and details.

We also have open a new group order as of today 6/16/2012 until 6/30/2012 so in case you like anything let us know soon and we can help you save in comission and shipping charges.

For additional details just go here: Brand Zess XX Doujinshi Index

Subcribe for weekly updates by joining the comunnity if you like as well!



Do you happen to have any of these kawoshin doujinshi to sell?? They're the only ones I'm looking for atm.
I ask because I already own cassino's ONLY IF doujinshi
If they are available for order from Japan online shops we are able to get them. Would you like me to see if i can find any of these doujinshi in Japanese online stores?
Sure! I'm so glad you'll help me if you could! :)
I'll be interested in purchasing if you find any!
I could not find any of the exact doujinshi you are looking for but I can show you what I found from these series:



Sorry about that, they might be older doujinshi so they are no longer being sold.
Unfortunately I have a lot of those doujinshi already and I am only looking for certain ones.
Thank you so much though~ I'll bookmark your shop for future possibility for doujinshi! :)
It's alright no problem. Sorry for not being much help, we apologize.

Edited at 2012-09-18 10:23 pm (UTC)
Ok. There are a lot of new evangelion doujinshi out (especially on toranoana) and I was wondering if you can help me now. :)
I'll PM you details and let me know if it's ok!

(sorry about REALLY late reply/digging up and old message XD)
It's alright take your time I will look at the list when I get it and give you all the details.
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